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ModelNote is an innovative business modeling application, which will change the way you think about your business, investment and social ideas. ModelNote allows you to play with your idea – its assumptions, projections, implementation or even financing options and get a quick yet powerful assessment of its expected performance.

How modelnote


Create a new model

The first thing to do after installing the app is create a new model. Creating a model you should enter your basic assumptions - model name, timing, etc. There are also more advanced options like required return of capital and depreciation rates that you can set now or check later on - we will set some default values, so that you can run your model quickly.

Enter your idea

Now you can enter the details of your idea - investments, revenues, costs, operating cash, financing and exit value. We created a cool new graphical interface to enter and change all the parameters. Just play with it and see how quick and easy it is!

See business analytics

At any point of time you can see the business analytics of your model as well as the financial calculations. We invented amazing new context charts, that give you a lot of details in one look, so that you have the complete picture. And yes, you can export the ready model and send it out as well.



The first version of ModelNote is ready! We made it for iPad now, you may expect other versions in the future as well.

modelnote for ipad

ModelNote is completely free to download and use on the ipad for one model. We do ask for a small fee for models or for data export and sending.


Expect more versions soon

Let us know if you would like to see ModelNote on your platform of choice.

ModelNote is ready for ipad now



We provide the following materials to give you an insight of how the software works, how to create a model and enter all parameters, and how to evaluate the results that you get from your model.

FAQ on how to use modelnote

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ModelNote explainer video


ModelNote youtube channel

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